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From Florida with Love -- Dee Speers
From Florida
with Love

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My journey in life is filled with a continuing quest of the unknown. I have never been content with status quo. Questions have always been a part of my life. My family or teachers didn’t always appreciate my avid curiosity but I asked anyway.

Since I’ve been an avid reader my whole life, I know that if you can’t actually go somewhere, you can read about it. There is no end to our imagination.This love of reading instilled a stronger desire to travel as well as a need to understand the people and the history of every beautiful landmark I visit. Writing my thoughts down seemed to be the next logical step. I still ask the questions but I now allow my characters to produce the answers.

I’m now living in Florida. It’s the land of beautiful beaches, frizzy hair, and wonderful sunsets. I grew up in Ohio, went to school in Pennsylvania, met my husband and had my son in New York and spent the majority of our lives in Arizona. Wow, all beautiful places to live and enjoy while setting my imagination free. I’m still asking questions and writing about them while walking down the pathway to what is new for me.

Hope you will all enjoy the journey with me.

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